The Strangest Eyelash Extensions

Feather Eyelashes

These eyelashes are made of long untrimmed real feathers, so if your boyfriend says “you make me fly!”, you'll know why. 

 Flag Eyelashes

 What can be more patriotic than having eyelashes with your country's colors?

Paper Clip Eyelashes

These artificial lashes are inspired by the boring paperclips we often neglect and overlook. The famous duo Viktor & Rolf have created three pairs of this fake extensions. So, after all, paper clips are not so useless when it comes to fashion.

Petals Eyelashes

"Nothing is sexier than fun and flirty lashes and this month I will demonstrate the art of faking it. For my lash story I wanted to do something unique using sunflower petals as lashes" said Troy Jensen, the creator of these petal eyelashes. He created this fake eyelashes for a photoshoot in 2010. In his blog, he wrote the steps he followed for making the petal eyelashes and also how he prepared the model.

Neo Reflector Eyelashes

Shu Uemura Neo Reflector eyelashes are inspired by an architectural approach of future fashion. These elegant, silver coated lashes softly sparkle with moon shape; sequins dimensional design with mirror shine effect for outstanding cyber-chic eyes.

Dead Flies Legs Eyelashes
 Artist Jessica Harrison takes dead flies legs and attaches them onto the eye for what she aptly called ‘flylashes.' The inventive looking false eyelashes are sort of on the grosser side of beauty. The crooked and bent lashes are glued onto the eye and are meant to look like luscious eyelashes.
 UV Eyelashes

UV Eyelashes

Created for the London Edge event in September 2008, these UV-Lashes were designed by Manic Panic N.Y.C., an alternative cosmetic brand founded by sisters Tish and Snooky, singers in the original Blondie line up.