Land of the Fattest people

 Fat men from around the world :
Selection of the most fat people and animals, after viewing this post, many limit themselves to the food and beer.
Surprisingly, this is not the U.S.. Most fat people on the planet live in Nauru (in percent per capita) - a small island in the South Pacific. The population of this nation of less than 10 000 people, most of whom are overweight. Increase in obesity began with the importation of foreign products. Not surprisingly - sump popular dish in this country - cola and fried chicken. That there supplies the United States. So all still blame the U.S.! Ca.

The thickest gymnast
His name is Matt Alaeddine, with a weight of 181 pounds, he is the thickest flexible person. Or the most flexible fat man - as you like. Weight does not prevent him, twisting, touching their toes cheeks. Of course it works in a circus. Well, really - not the ballet is danced to it:)

The fattest woman
317 pounds - the weight of Terri Smith, the very fat woman on the planet. She could neither move nor stand. Terry from his childhood was not hudyshki. At the age of 7 years she weighed 70 kilos! The woman explains that her family was poor and she could not eat healthy food. SHOCK! :)
Fattest prisoner
 Weighs 272 kilograms George Jolicoeur. It's fattest prisoner. You know why they arrested him? Think of something that got into the house through vents? Nope. He loved going to restaurants and did not pay for food. Here at khalyavnykh provisions found, too, and then rang. Arrested him in 2007 for 50 bucks, which he did not want to pay for beef, claiming that it is covered with mold. However, there is one thing. The prosecutor's office considered the cost of maintaining such a sentence in prison and decided not to put it. He was placed in a nursing home to house arrest, such as the content it is cheaper.
Fattest kid
This boy from China for 3 years. Its weight - 63 pounds! This is like 5 times more than it should weigh the child at his age. In kindergarten he was not taken - say it is dangerous for other children. Imagine the innocent children's games - and your child is rushing a carcass of 70 kg. In fact, the guy is to blame for their weight. In China, there is even a special term - a syndrome of "Little Emperor. " Since in this country hard constraint - one child in one family and their very spoiled.
The thickest wedding!

 This is the heaviest man in the world Manuel Uribe (317 kg) has recently married. Stunned! He has not left his bed for 6! years. Because I could not get up. By the way, he also married in the bed. Wedding dance of the newlyweds, they danced with the chosen one just holding hands and shaking them in time to the music. About the wedding night is no information.
The fattest cat
VO! There is much to be proud. The fattest cat is living in Russia! Ural cat Katie, who lives in Asbestos (town in the Urals), weighs 23 kilograms. Despite the relatively young age - Kathy just 5 years - because of its enormous weight pussy long since lost interest in all the entertainment, but food. Cathy is not interested in the opposite sex, most of the day she spends in a dream. The owners of Siamese cats Kathy currently make out an application to the Guinness Book of Records.
Fattest U.S. president
William Howard Taft was the 27 th President of the United States from 1909 to 1913 and it was the thickest U.S. president. Evil tongues say, that he repeatedly stuck in his bathtub, and had to call the crane to get it from there. Oh, and he weighed just 159 pounds.