Legendary Liz Taylor Dies

Do not become a great actress Elizabeth Taylor. She was 79 years old. She was one of the symbols of the golden age Gollivula. During her life, she was winner of two Oscars for best actress, who won in 1960 and 1966. And also famous for a rich personal life - the actress has been married eight times. His film career she graduated 20 years ago and since then has been actively involved in charity work for AIDS. In the hospital, Cedars-Sinai Taylor came in mid-February with a diagnosis of congestive heart failure.

These were not the only health problems actress. She was treated for pulmonary disease, cardiac arrhythmias, and in 1997 she removed a brain tumor. In addition, she underwent surgery for implantation of artificial hip joints of both legs. And in 2002, she was treated for skin cancer. The final blow was the death of her friend Michael Jackson. Then the actress went to hospital with severe stress. Then she underwent heart surgery. And now she is gone.