The Eerie World beneath the Glaciers

These are the amazing pictures from the ‘Ice Man’ – a frosty photographer who is prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to capture the perfect picture. Eric Guth is the real life Jack Frost spending days hiding out in some of the World Travel most spectacular glacier caves. The 30-year-old regularly camps for days inside the eerie glaciers which can reach unbelievable temperatures: sometimes as low as 20 degrees below freezing. Use those images as travel guide for your next vacation…

And even the constant threat of pneumonia, frostbite and collapsing caves isn’t enough to put this intrepid photographer off. After becoming fascinated with glaciers as a young boy, Eric has spent the last five years tracking down, living in and photographing the mysterious and unknown caves.

His adventures to find the perfect icy picture have taken him all over the world – from Patagonia in South America to Iceland in the North Atlantic. As these amazing pictures show his trips are well worth it as he captures the stunning beauty of these hidden low temperature landscapes.