Pelvic DownHill as a new sport

In the Tsarina was popular RedBull - Moscow's annual race to the economic basins "Pelvic DownHill».
These informal, nepafosnye and totally frivolous competitions are held for the seventh year. No jim-jams and malicious competition, stalls with Hotdog and prepared trails. Tuned bowls, carnival costumes and compote of pan - the best way to shake off the accumulated from summer vacation office dust.
In the event of a breakdown of racing means to cross the finish line with his biggest fragment.
 At the launch party can take in a basin at any convenient position. You can sit, lie or even to stand, as is allowed to help yourself legs, arms, oars, in short anything that works on muscle strength racer.
 To riders can express themselves with creative and inventive side, the race settled any tuning basins: privorachivanie runners, pridelyvanie wing and the ejection of accelerators is not considered a violation of the rules.
 But the age-old cult means of descent is the usual economic pelvis. It can be plastic, enamel, or galvanized, in general, anyone, even cast iron. Just to compete allowed people in the trays, troughs, kitchen trays and large pans.