Wonderful Miracle of Nature

Plateau of Roraima - a wonderful miracle of nature
In South America, at the junction of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana, there are several dozen mountain called Roraima tepui (Roraima). In the language of the Indians "tepui" means "home of the gods. "

Guiana Highlands on the north-east of South America are scattered dozens of unique mountain with vertical slopes and flat tops. These mountains - one of the oldest in the world. They are composed of very hard sandstone, and represent the remnants of long ago destroyed by a plateau. Called these mountains tepui (a word derived from the language of local Indians Pemón).

Country tepui - one of the most unusual and beautiful landscapes in the world. Here are the world's highest waterfall (Angel on Ian tepui, height about 1200 meters), many smaller waterfalls (especially popular with tourists 250-meter Kayetur and 70-meter Orinduik in Guyana), huge caves and valleys. At the tops of some tepui still untouched by human hands.

Roraima is constantly hanging over a large cloud: fog here - a frequent visitor, and his gloomy haze unearthly forms cliffs seem cosmic scenery. Of the fowl is home to a huge black rat and a frog in the third finger size. Vegetation - unusual insectivorous plants ...

When writing about Roraima, be sure to mention Arthur Conan Doyle and his "Lost World" populated by dinosaurs. The idea of ​​the novel - the opening of a plateau with prehistoric plants and animals - there was a writer after the German expedition of Robert Schomburgk in Roraima. The expedition was unsuccessful, but a fantasy novel was a great success. But she pleases Roraima travelers fantastic exposure, a decent serve as a natural backdrop for a fairy tale.
 Roraima - a collection of amazingly beautiful landscapes: mountains, rivers, savannah and jungle are beautiful and individually, let alone see it all together! .. It seems that even the very air of this magical corner of the earth is full of mystery and mysticism ... Roraima, as one of the lucky witnesses - is "an exclamation point at the end of sentence" ...