Amazing Walk On The Tightrope

 A tightrope on stilts
October 31 a resident of the urban district of Urumqi in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China set a new personal record, going on stilts on the stretched at a height of 22 meters rope, according to Orange News. The local acrobatic association believes that 33-year-old Samat Imin is the only person in the world who have successfully completed a difficult trick.
Especially for the record the passage of the rope to the imine were made special aluminum stilts. Fix them on their feet, and then get back on the tightrope helped a Chinese assistants. During the passage of the rope Imin briefly lost his balance and nearly fell, but eventually was able to stay on top.

 According to the Chinese, who works as a teacher, he became interested in walking on stilts, when he was 18 years old. To date he is the holder of three records: in 2003 he overcame on stilts distance of 78 kilometers, in 2004, he went eight days on stilts 286 kilometers, and in 2005 he managed to make 49 moves in 16-foot stilts.

Samat Imin said the idea to combine walking on a tightrope with walking on stilts came into his head about a year ago and this time he trained hard. Whether he intended in future to repeat the trick, not reported.