Mummy intact in China

In China, construction workers found the mummy
Completely by accident in Jiangsu province in eastern China, the builders found an ancient burial place, where archaeologists have discovered a female mummy. According to experts, dumping refers to the time of the Ming Dynasty and he is at least 500 years
Arina workers stumbled upon a crypt, where they dug pit at a construction site. Soon the burial place of profit by historians, who opened the tomb.
horonenie three stone coffins were found to builders at a depth of two meters in Jiangsu province in eastern China.
pared professionals burial refers to the time of the Ming Dynasty (ie the period from 1368 to 1644 gg.) and he is at least 500 years.
the exhumation of the graves were found skeletons, clothing Ming Dynasty and funeral supplies, while in the third coffin lay a well-preserved mummified body of a woman..Olutorametrovoe body, wrapped in thick cotton cloth, well preserved. Judging in all found the woman belonged to the upper class.
ergsheesya mummification of the body was wrapped in burial clothes - linen rags, thoroughly impregnated with wax, which in medieval China were used for burial of the dead, as well as Quilted clothed and sheets.
Clothes and shoes perfectly preserved. In the photo: Archaeologists carefully take out the mummy of stone coffins.
mummy completely intact skin, are clearly distinguishable facial features, and even has the hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.
Found the mummy being prepared for transportation.
Archaeologists carefully wrapped his find in a blanket found in the coffin with the body.
the inspection found the mummy museum staff Taizhou found a lot of funeral supplies, including a ring with jade, silver hair pins and more than twenty cotton rags period of the Ming Dynasty.
Ring closeup.