The Most Elegant Examples Of Architecture

 From architecture to science fiction
New trends emerge in architecture. Old styles are left behind and architects now go for the ultra-modern look, the futuristic style of buildings. They shouldn’t be blamed for this, don’t get me wrong, I actually admire this attitude. It’s bold and it must be appreciates because they’re looking ahead in the future and setting some landmarks for the young architects that will come. For us, the humble mortals, they’re offering a great spectacle of shapes and colors, leaving us the opportunity to simply gaze at their brilliant work.
You know how in the 90′s, many great architects were gathered in Netherlands to rejuvenate the city with modern buildings? Well, it’s time for Dubai and Beijing to collect all the architects with vision. They have an intelligent strategy of investing in modern buildings in order to attract tourists and also prepare themselves for the future. Fortunate for them, they have a lot of space to build new architectural wonders, unlike European cities were there isn’t place to build even a small boutique.
You may have seen some of these buildings, they’re already classics among the fans of conceptual architecture, but I bet that there are some of them that you will see for the first time. There are few of them which still are in the project faze, some of them are in the building process and most of them, of course, are already built.

Agora Theatre – Lelystad, Netherlands

Air Force Academy Chapel – Colorado, USA

Apeiron Hotel – Dubai, UAE

Art School – Singapore

Atomium – Brussels, Belgium

Baj Pomorski Theatre – Torun, Poland

Bank Office – Hannover, Germany

Bicentennial Conservatory – Adelaide, Australia

BMW – Munich, Germany

Burj Al Arab – Dubai, UAE

Bus Station – Casar, Spain

CCTV Headquarters – Beijing, China

Centre Pompidou-Metz Museum – Metz, France

City Tower – Cheongna,

Commercial Complex – New Orleans, USA

Conrad Hotel – Beijing, China

Cooper Union – New York, USA

Coop Himmelb(l)au High School – Los Angeles, USA

Crooked House – Sopot, Poland

Cybertecture Egg – Mumbai, India

Dancing Building – Prague, Czech Republic

Danish Pavilion – Shanghai, China

Design Museum – Holon, Israel

Promenade Hotel – Dubai, UAE

Technosphere – Dubai, UAE

Dubai Towers – Dubai, UAE

Dynamic Tower – Dubai, UAE

Eden Project – Cornwall, UK

Esplanade Theatres – Singapore

Frame Hotel – Dubai, UAE

Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum – Minneapolis, USA

Futuristic Building – China

Futuroscope – Poitiers, France

Galaxy Soho – Beijing, China

Guggenheim Museum – Bilbao, Spain

Hotel Marques De Riscal – Elciego, Spain

IAC Building – New York, USA

Jack Colker Union 96 Station – Beverly Hills, USA


Olympic Stadium – Montreal, Canada

Museum of Contemporary Art – Nice, France