Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres

Very nice museum-theater in Figueras. That is, would go there ...

I want my museum was a monolith, a labyrinth, the great surrealist object. It will be absolutely Theatre Museum. Come here will leave with a feeling as if they dreamed a dream theater.
Salvador Dali. Some beautiful extractions from the unique museum are here for happy viewing:

In 1960, in response to a request from the mayor of Figueres to give the municipal museum of painting, Dali decides to make a home more valuable gift and create a museum. Already August 8, 1961 Daly announced his desire for all to hear, announcing at the same time that the future museum is housed in the destroyed city theater, built in 40-ies of the XIX century, burned almost to ashes in 1939.
The ruins of the theater, which gave Dali municipality furnishing of the museum, were the remains of the foundation, in some places the towering walls and miraculously preserved passages in the lodge and portal arch stage. Since the start of construction until they have passed the end of 14 years. Dali was inspired by an idea to collect all of his extraordinary creations under one roof, combining them into one mystical ensemble. He personally controlled every area of work otshlifovyvaya image of the future "of the labyrinth of surrealism" to the smallest detail. This was the largest and most expensive project the artist: to create a theater-museum are gone almost all personal savings Daly, government grants and numerous donations of citizens and friends. And as a result of the effort the city has acquired a world-renowned tourist attraction, and the Dali has become one of the few geniuses whose talent was recognized in vivo and immortalized in the museum exposition. The opening of the museum was held on Sept. 28, 1974.
 track "Rainy Taxi"
 Mannequins in the windows symbolize Dali's muse. Charred beams sticking out of the walls, reminiscent of a fire which destroyed the old theater in 1939.
 Portrait of Lincoln, who turns into a near Gala looking at the sea.
 Scenery for the ballet "The Labyrinth"
In addition to the sketches in this room can be viewed cartoons.