The Finest Color Combination By Klara G

 (Klara G) - Swedish still life and fashion photographer. Klara Gee`s wonderful sense of color and composition.

The Art Gallery

New Works Of Invisible Man Liu Bolin 
 Chinese artist Liu Bolin (Liu Bolin), known as the invisible man. Now presents to you the new wizard.

A Unique Tourist Watch Tower

Attraction is not for the faint of heartIn Bavaria there is a tourist watchtower AlpspiX, which is installed on the mountain Alpspitze over "Hell Valley" Helenntal (Höllental), extending to 1000 meters below. The observation deck AlpspiX - attraction is not for the faint of heart: two small platform, looming over the alpine "Hell Valley", from the abyss separates the only grill.

Best Of The 2011 Snowboarding

Stone "Dream"

 Kora Sun-Drop is one of the most beautiful diamonds in the world, it is so rare, it is virtually impossible to determine its value. That's why no one to this day have not tried to do it. This rare diamond is kept in a museum in London.The most expensive gemstone in the world is a diamond, named "Solar tear» (Cora Sun-Drop). According to the jewelers, this diamond has no equal, and because of this, its value since until now no one could identify.

Unique Combination Of Painting And Cartoons

Funny livestock

funny collection of cute animals

In Depth

 Rich diversity of ocean life covered in the new exhibition of Steve Bloom's in Edinburgh.

Brides Race

you can buy wedding dresses famous designers several times cheaper.

Funny Gallery

 Funny Gallery is an amazing composition of the people and animals around the world

Funny And Amazing Collection

This funny collection captures the attention of the spectators at every moment. Every  picture is an example of  fine photography.

The Most Strange Body Implants

A major theme of Australian performance artist Stelarc is the concept that the human body is obsolete. As such, his past artwork included hanging himself on a flesh hook suspension, attaching electrodes that control his body and then connecting the control to the Internet so those who logged on can move his muscles at will, and saving his liposuctioned fat for an exhibition. Now, he's on to modifying the human body, starting with a lab-grown ear implanted on his forearm.

The chapel of skulls

The chapel of skulls exists in Sedlec, a suburb of Kutna Hora in the Czech Republic.In 1776 a local priest, founded a little church, laying its foundation of a human skull and leg bones. All the bones belonged to victims of the Silesian wars and epidemics.

Great Art Of Levitation

Can I include levitation to the sport?

The Crazy World

 Talent of the photographer Dustin Humphrey, creating a double-crazy world.

The Astronauts At The Best

 How to train astronauts

The Biggest Family In The World

An interesting fact worth noting also the fact that Chan became a record 10 weddings in one year.

Arch Bridges

So there you go. Determination of the longest bridge in the world quite blurred. Therefore, I suggest you get acquainted with the longest bridge in the world above the water.

The World`s Biggest Air Plane

The world’s biggest airplane An-255 Mriya (“Dream”) was manufactured for the needs of Soviet space programe in transporting large-size objects.

Wonderful dolls

 Artist Andrew Young (Andrew Yang) was born in Salt Lake City (Utah), and spent his childhood among his mother’s collection of dolls Madame Alexander. In his youth he loved to visit the New York Fashion Week and for several years was an assistant to famous designers. All these details biography of Andrew resulted in an unusual hobby – creating exquisite dolls that are dressed in ‘hot fashion and whose faces are painted by hand.

The Funny Gallery

A unique collection of amazing pictures

The guy was a girl

 With the help of hormones this 25 year old guy becomes a woman.

Amazing and Beautiful

An excellent collection of masterly taken shoots

Eccentric Fashion Week

Eccentric outfits Fashion Week Mercedes Benz
Some awesome extractions of the Fashion Week "Mercedes Benz" in New York, where the leading fashion brands and designers presented their collections Autumn-Winter 2011/2012. Where you will find a selection of the most unusual costumes, presented during the fashion shows of the week.

The tallest tower in the world

Guangzhou TV Tower - the tallest tower in the world. Built by ARUP for the Asian Games in 2010. The height of the tower is 610 meters. The tower is designed to broadcast TV and radio signals as well as to review a panorama of Guangzhou and is designed to receive 10,000 tourists a day.

Giant haircut

Chinese stylist hairstyles decided to make a public show

Shocking Fashions

Fashion that is shocking. Beauty requires sacrifice, looking at these outfits, you know,
that this is true. You would have bought himself a suit.

The First Manned underwater laboratory "Aquarius"

You'll learn how to depths of more than 18 meters live and work underwater laboratory Aquarius, researchers, the world's only current manned underwater laboratory, located off the coast of Florida.

Toys from the flowers

Very nice  I would like to own this ..

Amazing Collection

 wonderful funny collection by the sharp eye of camera

Amazing Collection

fine shoots by the eye of the camera for spectators

The Stately Porsche Panamera

of Porsche began building the extended versions of hatchback Panamera, informs edition Autocar
citing sources in the Research and Development Centre of the German manufacturer. The car will be released to
meet the demand for cars with plenty of "living space" that exists in the markets of China and North America

Bees Attack

 bees attack the masses ruthlessly