Wonderful Miracle of Nature

Plateau of Roraima - a wonderful miracle of nature
In South America, at the junction of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana, there are several dozen mountain called Roraima tepui (Roraima). In the language of the Indians "tepui" means "home of the gods. "

Amazing Kids

 wonderful kids making funniest pranks.Oh, those kids ...

Such lovely, kind, positive and photographic ..

15 Top Stars with corrected nose

Wanting to meet the ideals and standards of beauty, star remake her body as often as they change their outfits on the red carpet. And rhinoplasty - Rhinoplasty - common among celebrities as ubiquitous as breast augmentation.

In autumn 2007, Ksenia Sobchak - a popular television presenter, and perhaps the most well-known socialite Russia - had flown for three weeks in Los Angeles, after returning from the sunny city with markedly swollen nose. From comments Ksenia then declined, but the consequences of rhinoplasty - on the face.

Stunning hot spring

  Hot Spring :

Stunning hot spring located in Yellowstone National Park.
Due to bacteria living in it, the water is painted in amazing colors.

Legendary Liz Taylor Dies

Do not become a great actress Elizabeth Taylor. She was 79 years old. She was one of the symbols of the golden age Gollivula. During her life, she was winner of two Oscars for best actress, who won in 1960 and 1966. And also famous for a rich personal life - the actress has been married eight times. His film career she graduated 20 years ago and since then has been actively involved in charity work for AIDS. In the hospital, Cedars-Sinai Taylor came in mid-February with a diagnosis of congestive heart failure.

These were not the only health problems actress. She was treated for pulmonary disease, cardiac arrhythmias, and in 1997 she removed a brain tumor. In addition, she underwent surgery for implantation of artificial hip joints of both legs. And in 2002, she was treated for skin cancer. The final blow was the death of her friend Michael Jackson. Then the actress went to hospital with severe stress. Then she underwent heart surgery. And now she is gone.

Wedding cars and carriages for the prince of Wales

 Two different carriages have been prepared to deliver on April 29 Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton to Buckingham Palace after their wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey. Two cars will also be used to carry the bride and the groom to Westminster Abbey separately. Other passengers will include some members of the royal family. This process should aid in an on time start.

House of the Future of LAVA

 In Sydney, Australia opened an exhibition of UTS Architecture, dedicated to the homes of the future. Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) presented a project, the main idea of which was to support a balance between human needs and the needs of nature in a single system. House of the Future Release LAVA should promote harmonious relations between man and nature, technology and ourselves. As an example, they presented a draft structure for Beijing. Structure of the house represents 15 different premises, each with individual interior of each. During the construction of buildings planned to use the most modern and safe materials. For example, the ceiling will be used ETFE-plastic, allowing more light to pass, it is better insulated from the external environment, as well as save money on installation.

Art with Dollars

 American Kemppbell Scott (Scott Campbell) began as a tattoo artist. Today, Campbell is known as a contemporary artist who even made ​​a design line of handbags Louis Vuitton. In his work, Scott Kemppbell mercilessly cut dollars and, often, uncut sheets, with one-dollar kyupyurami with the U.S. Treasury printing press.

Unique Wooden Sculptures

Noble tree is a favorite material for the work of many sculptors. What age is growing, standing still in the same place, waiting to be used for artistic work… These beautiful, wooden sculptures are fabulous as woods described in so many stories. Wizards, forest fairies, Mogli… living in the woods, and in this case are like Pinocchio and made of wood.

Stunning Cause of earthquakes and tsunamis

 This Saturday, March 19, the moon closer to Earth at 356,600 km, the same day will be a full moon, the media have already dubbed this action superluniem.

According to some media, the passage of the moon perigee point, as close to Earth, March 19, 2011 on the planet can cause earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity and other disasters.

Home on Wheels

 The best bus travel

Excellent bus designed for travel.
This is a real home on wheels with an interior of an expensive mansion.

10 Most Impressive Under water Places

1.Poseidon Undersea Resort

Amazing Architectures with Toothpicks

Stain Monro from New York was created these amazing architectures out of toothpicks. He is very talented, here are all the most famous buildings in the world. How long should it all done ??...

The most expensive copy of the painting "Mona Lisa"

 Chinese collector of gems created the most expensive copy of the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" (also known as "La Gioconda"). The man did not even painted, and laid out a picture from a vast variety of precious stones, aggregate nominal value of 100 000 carats.

Five Most Amazing and Dangerous Places Of The World

Here is a list of the top 5 most beautiful places in the world. A place is pointed out, be interesting and fascinating, if these places are unique. Makes people excited to be unique because of its uniqueness or surprised by the beauty of the place. As the places below, which consider the most beautiful places in the world?   The Great Dune of Pyla, France: It is  one of the amazing place as well as very famous and unique place.

Super Funny Collection

Walking around the Lisbon

 Lisbon - the capital of Portugal, located on the right bank of the River Tagus, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Lisbon is built on seven hills, and quite high and very tiring for curious tourists. The city itself is founded by the Phoenicians about 3,000 years ago.
The most famous mode of transport in Lisbon are the old buses.
Bon voyage:)

The Most Amazing Journey to the Ice Continent

In January and February 2011 a team of 6 people sotoyaschaya undertook an amazing journey by yacht to the continent covered with ice.It was a splendid journey through the ice and breathtaking landscapes.Team Solidream, whose motto reads "Make the life of a dream, a dream from reality!" defied the cold waters of Antarctica on a yacht.

Land of the Fattest people

 Fat men from around the world :
Selection of the most fat people and animals, after viewing this post, many limit themselves to the food and beer.
Surprisingly, this is not the U.S.. Most fat people on the planet live in Nauru (in percent per capita) - a small island in the South Pacific. The population of this nation of less than 10 000 people, most of whom are overweight. Increase in obesity began with the importation of foreign products. Not surprisingly - sump popular dish in this country - cola and fried chicken. That there supplies the United States. So all still blame the U.S.! Ca.

Red Bull Cliff Diving

 Orlando Duque won the first stage of Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2011.
Top haydayvery world and their fans gathered at the remote island of the Pacific Ocean. It was there that started World Series Red Bull Cliff Diving.

Super Shoots

How to greet Obama?

Obama likes to shake hands with their fists, not shaking hands.
Of course, since it comes only with good friends or with those who first "gave him a fist. "

Protest against Lamborghini

One dissatisfied customer service company Lamborghini has decided to settle accounts with the car is significant.
Fans of Lamborghini and other expensive cars look the other photos are not recommended

A Collection of Amazing Images

Funny and amazing images that catch the attention of  the people at every moment

Ancient Sea Characters

Latrine figure - figurehead on a sailing ship. The figure was placed on the latrine (overhang at the bow of a sailing ship). At the same overhang installed latrines for the crew, so now called latrines toilets on ships. Elaborate carved decorative work in wood, known as nasal shapes were quite popular from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century.

Flight of imagination

In early May, the museum's Metropolitan in New York will open an exhibition dedicated to the career of the famous fashion designer Alexander McQueen. The exhibition will be presented to his significant contribution to the world of fashion: from the collections of 1992 and its collection from the last show, held after the death in February 2010. Curator Andrew Bolton of the event: "Alexander McQueen is known for his extravagant, amazing displays and presentations. Dramatic scenarios and narrative scenes were filled with avant-garde and performance art. He used fashion as an outlet for their emotions, to express profound and often the darker aspects of his imagination . He was a true romantic in the Byronic sense of the word - he tried to high. "

World`s greatest Orda Cave

Orda's Cave  Lyagushkin Viktor (Viktor Lyagushkin) did an amazing and rare photos of underwater caves Orda, the second largest cave in the world.

Classic Images

Harold Edgerton (Harold Edgerton) (6.04.1903 - 4.01.1990) - American professor, photographer, inventor of the flash. In 1925, Harold graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with a bachelor of electrical engineering. In 1931, invented the electric flash for cameras. In the 50's and 60's the company Egerton photographed tests Atomic Energy Commission, the United States. A distinctive feature of photographs Egerton is the use of a series of flashes at set intervals, resulting in a picture looks like a series of sequential images.

Elegant office designs

Azure office in Kiev -Blue not too popular color for the walls, but a pair of Ukrainian designers managed to make a surprisingly harmonious interior with ample use of color. Bureau of Design and Architecture Sergeeya Makhno (Sergey Makhno) designed the Azure office in Kiev. Sergei create a design together with his partner Butenko Basil (Vasily Butenko).

The Grand Villa

Luxury villa
In the paradise of Thailand (Koh Tao) villa built Casas del Sol Contemporary Tropical. This is a very spacious building with several ascetic, but a stylish interior and a terrace with a swimming pool and magnificent sea views. All of relaxation.

Nicholas Kirkwood latest collection

Nicholas Kirkwood
Collection Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 shows in Paris Fashion Week
Nicholas Kirkwood

Mummy intact in China

In China, construction workers found the mummy
Completely by accident in Jiangsu province in eastern China, the builders found an ancient burial place, where archaeologists have discovered a female mummy. According to experts, dumping refers to the time of the Ming Dynasty and he is at least 500 years

Mystery death of the airship "Hindenburg"

The death of the ocean liner Titanic, the Chernobyl accident and the collapse of the airship "Hindenburg" - the three biggest causes of accidents 20 century, occurred on the water, on land and in the air, experts argue so far.
"Hindenburg" - the pride of the Nazis - was burned in 1937. What version of his death is now regarded as the most accurate?

Twenty extreme adventures on the planet

 Such travel under the force not every athlete champion. If you like to receive epinephrine, add these pictures to the list of those things you must do in my life. Still not ready? Well then just enjoy! 1. Himalayas, Nepal, China. Even when Sir Edmund Hillary and Norgay Tentsig in 1953 showed that the highest peak of the world may climb, Everest still remains synonymous with the words "challenge for mountaineers" and "real adventure". Now, every spring, regardless of the storm, the threat of avalanches, frost nipping and technical difficulties lifting, dozens of people - from thirteen to blind and disabled - climb to the summit to set a new record. Despite this excitement, the mountain is still reluctant to have submitted to the person, and those who reached the top, in all senses have reached the summit of the world.

Amazing Walk On The Tightrope

 A tightrope on stilts
October 31 a resident of the urban district of Urumqi in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China set a new personal record, going on stilts on the stretched at a height of 22 meters rope, according to Orange News. The local acrobatic association believes that 33-year-old Samat Imin is the only person in the world who have successfully completed a difficult trick.

The Grand Hotel Mondrian

Hotel Mondrian Soho Recently opened a new New York City hotel Mondrian Soho, a design that created a visionary Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz (Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz), who has previously worked on similar projects in Los Angeles. One of the sites have even been written, what is surprising to see that the hotel has already earned, as edited by watching its construction right from their own windows.