Iconic beauties

Many women are beautiful, but not all have achieved icon status. Some women just have "it" -- the attitude, the allure and the enchanting looks that make them unforgettable and endlessly fascinating.
Meet the iconic beauties of yesterday and today that we just can't get enough of.

Amazing Wonderland

"Wonderland" - a great example of when a hobby turns into something more.
The creation of this country took 500,000 man hours of work.
This is a real city with residents, their nature and climate.
The project was created in 2000.

Cool Royal Wedding Photos

 Especially the beach for Friday. Of course, it's fake. Pictures were taken long before the wedding, which took part in the doubles of the royal family. But who knows - it was there. Without the protocol, and cameras.

Some awesome shots of the Royal wedding

 The network has a new meme
In photos from the wedding of Prince William, a British heir, was obnaruzhin very interesting character, capable of becoming a meme. This van Katsu Grace (Grace Van Cutsem), it is called grim flower girl.

Pakistan's army warns US

Pakistan issues warning to U.S. military

Officials retaliate for covert raid even as they admit "shortcomings" in the hunt for bin Laden. New warning to D.C.

Stunning Construction with Ammunition

 An artist from San Francisco, Al Farrow, uses ammunition and firearms parts to create miniature churches, synagogues and mosques. An unusual combination of religion and war-related items.