Awesome beauty of cultural architecture

Architectural and beautiful palace of culture in the city of Chelyabinsk region Satka
Very nice palace of culture factory "Magnesite" in Satka Chelyabinsk region.
Photos are not made for a very sufficient light, but fail to notice the beauty of it is not possible.
General view of the entrance to the central staircase.

Painting the ceiling above the main staircase "May Day". The artist, apparently, Yu Korovin.
 "May Day". Fragment.
 The main entrance to the central foyer framed bas-reliefs. Sculptor, apparently, VP Trofimov.
Right bas-relief.
 Making arches.
 Paintings on the staircase depict the nature of the Urals.
 The central foyer. View on the door of the auditorium.
The central foyer. View from second floor to the side entrance. On the second floor of the center of the booth later.
The central foyer. Second floor.
 Bas-relief of Lenin on the second floor lobby of the center of the entrance to the auditorium. Earlier this place was located a bas-relief of Joseph Stalin.
 The scene of the auditorium.
 Art panels on the first floor of the central lobby. Lenin and the peasants.
Storming the Winter Palace.
 Painting AP Bubnov "Morning on the Kulikov Field" (1943-1947, Stalin Prize of the first degree for 1948).
 Plant in the Urals.
 Probably, May 9, 1945 in Red Square.
Bas-reliefs on the two side stairways depict various scenes of rest. Mother and daughter.
 Folk dances.
 Cartouche in the hallway of the second floor.
 Coffered ceiling above the landing of the third floor
 The same form to another staircase.
 Ground floor. It seems the general view of the wardrobe.
 Stucco on the ground floor.
 Ground floor. Mirror.
Lamp in the niche.