Extreme Banquet

 Height level banquet you will not seem small when you sit at the table, which is 50 meters above the ground. Crane, between you and the ground - just a small footrest, seat belt and the sea of adrenaline on the aperitif.

 This may seem complete madness, but the "Dinner in heaven»(Dinner in the Sky) becomes the last dinner entertainment for the well-off audience. Only 12 000 $ and you can create your own heavenly banquet room with breathtaking scenery. For your mobile table can accommodate up to 22 guests.
 Participants in the air lunch say that you can forget about a quiet conversation with a neighbor on the table - the wind at 50 meters above the ground makes quiet conversation virtually impossible, so they had, in violation of etiquette, almost shouting.
Breakfast in the sky Dinner in the sky, cocktails in the sky, a party in the sky ... The only limit for 8 hours on the ground - it's your imagination.
Dinner in the Sky can give a second crane with a platform for entertainment - such as music to enhance those magic moments or a presentation vehicle.