10 Amazing Commandments for Texting a Guy

Ever wonder if you're going wrong with your texts? These 10 golden rules could help set your habits straight, especially when it comes to dealing with dudes.

1. Thou Shalt Not Drink and Text
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You think it's better than a drunk dial, that you're being all coy and witty. We know better. Drunk texting doesn't put you at an advantage - it takes away your leverage.

2. Thou Shalt Not Break Up Over Text
Photo: Kathrin Ziegler/Getty ImagesIf you ever think that ending things over a text message is warranted, or acceptable, you should probably be spending less time with your phone and more with books, specifically Emily Post.

3. Thou Shalt Not Leave Out Essential Details
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"I'm on my way," is a very different text than "I'm on my way with my parents and my brother who loves ninjas." The latter prepares us, and allows us to down a few martinis, or escape. The former makes us really happy, and then destroys that happiness as we try to smile during your sibling's discussion of the bo staff versus the katana blade.
4. Thou Shalt Observe Thy Surroundings
Photo: Christina Kennedy/Getty ImagesThis only has so much to do with guys. If you're having a nice date, or chill conversation, maybe it's not the best time to text your friends. If you're in a movie, it can be distracting for other people in the theater. If you're driving, it's just plain dangerous.
Most, if not all of these, have to do with respect, which has to do with our attitudes and outlook, and not just toward communication technologies. There's no need to follow any of these 10 commandments to the letter, as long as you're following the golden rule (do unto others….).

5.Thou Shalt Not Sext
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The Internet is a big place. And it's going to be around for a long time. And it's full of perverts. There will be fallout. And potentially super-unpleasant days for your dad at work.

6. If Thy Texts Fall Out Of Rhythm, Thou Shall Not Expect Dancing
Photo: Cultura/Zero Creatives/Getty ImagesEveryone has a texting rhythm. If you're used to him replying within the hour, you can't freak out when he doesn't get back to you in 15 minutes. If you're both used to responses within 10 minutes, he can't whine if you don't respond in 5. If you're used to him replying right away, all the time, well, be prepared for some fights.

7.Thou Shalt Receive What Thou Dish Out
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Texting is, in many ways, no different than conversation. If you're rude, you can't take exception to a guy being rude back. Same goes for you being flouncy, aggressive or vulgar.

8.Thy Texts Shall Have A Point
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"I am watching a show about Komodo dragons" is not useful information. It is a waste of precious binary code. And if the recipient doesn't have some kind of unlimited plan, a waste of money, too. Unless, however, he happens to be really into Komodo dragons.
9.Thou Shalt Not Get Into It
Photo: Image Source/Getty Images Text is not the forum for conveying serious or nuanced information. Don't get into a debate about the relationship over text. Don't ask us to explain ourselves over text. Don't ask us where we think this thing is going over text. Bad idea. Be real. Have those conversations in person.
10.Thou Shalt Not Play (Word) Games
Photo: James Carman/Getty ImagesWe're not talking about wordplay, we're talking about pretending you didn't get the text or ignoring them, or letting people see them who you know should not; it's immature and just plain mean.