Stone "Dream"

 Kora Sun-Drop is one of the most beautiful diamonds in the world, it is so rare, it is virtually impossible to determine its value. That's why no one to this day have not tried to do it. This rare diamond is kept in a museum in London.The most expensive gemstone in the world is a diamond, named "Solar tear» (Cora Sun-Drop). According to the jewelers, this diamond has no equal, and because of this, its value since until now no one could identify.

Not surprisingly, older model Jerry Hall (Jerry Hall), who participated in a photo shoot of this gem was simply blinded by his brilliance and beauty. Photoshoot Diamond at the Museum of Natural History in London (London's Natural History Museum), where the precious thing was delivered on Feb. 24, 2011. "Solar tear" was placed in a section called Vault (The Vault), where visitors are on display only the most expensive and rare artifacts.
Priceless 110-carat gem pear-shaped, having at first glance, a more than modest dimensions: Height 3.94 cm, width 2.83 cm, is the largest faceted diamond in the world.
Unusual yellowish stone due to the presence of carbon in its structure a small amount of nitrogen. It must be noted that these diamonds have a bright uniform color, very rare, and if, in addition to this, the number of carats per hundred passes, then the existence of such a stone becomes a truly historic significance in mind that the number of such diamonds can be counted on the fingers.

 Its unusual yellow color associated with the presence of a small percentage of nitrogen inscribed in some way in the carbon structure of the stone.Fashion model Jerry Hall, who participated in a photo shoot a priceless diamond, like many others, was struck by the beauty of this gem, and even said that now the only married to someone who will reinforce their sense of engagement ring, adorned with stones, in no way conceding the Sunshine tears: "You can never fully appreciate the beauty of the stone from the photos - said the well-known model. - If you are unable to visit the Museum of London's history, imagine your joy, enthusiasm and excitement at the sight of the ring with a tiny diamond odnokaratnym given as a gift to you with your favorite man, and multiply all these feelings a thousand times - it feels so people who saw in first "Solar tears."
Beautiful, cool, fascinating ... but at the same time, it becomes somehow not comfortable with the recognition of the fact that in our crazy world, where human life is not worth nothing, there is a priceless piece of compressed charcoal.

At the moment, a gem located in the temporary galleries of the museum, called the store, through which, one way or another, are all the most expensive, rare and unique treasures created by Mother Nature. Company dearest diamond in the world were a variety of precious stones, crystals, meteorites, gems and precious metals brought to the museum from around the world. Among the exhibits were also seen: the famous Devonshire Emerald, priceless "Peramida hopes of Aurora, the largest collection of colored diamonds, consisting of 296 stones, cursed amethyst Heron-Allen and rare Martian meteorite Nakhla.
Museum curator Alan Hart (Alan Hart) told a reporter channel BBC: «I have never in my life seen such a rock 'Solar tear'. Stone is incredibly beautiful when you look at him, he literally hypnotizes you. Now I know that in the world, there are three things that you can watch forever: water, fire, and diamonds. "