Wonderful dolls

 Artist Andrew Young (Andrew Yang) was born in Salt Lake City (Utah), and spent his childhood among his mother’s collection of dolls Madame Alexander. In his youth he loved to visit the New York Fashion Week and for several years was an assistant to famous designers. All these details biography of Andrew resulted in an unusual hobby – creating exquisite dolls that are dressed in ‘hot fashion and whose faces are painted by hand.

The collection has a name Kouklitas from the original Greek name “doll.” Dolls dressed in a copy of the original samples of designer clothes spring-summer 2010. Yang style is difficult to distinguish and to name any one word. Here and Japanese neo-noir, and the French Renaissance and Tim Burton motives. In any case, all the dolls have a lovely piece – concave knees, which makes them look like anorexic models of modernity. Want to play with them and care for them.