Great Art Of Levitation

Can I include levitation to the sport?
Levitation (from Latin. levitas «relief") - a phenomenon that when an object with no visible support "floats" in space (ie levitates) are not attracted to the surface (land, water, etc.).

Li Wei, a resident of a small village in southern China, which has skillfully combined the skills learned in a technical college with an innate attraction to art. Now it works buy certain magazines.
His passion for drawing and painting began unexpectedly when he studied at the Technical University. Art classes were located adjacent to his audience, and he became zahazhivat there more often than their technical department.
The guy had no idea that a person can be a profession, and even more so that he himself suddenly appears like a talent. He in fact came from a very small village in southern China, where there was only one secondary school with technical bias.
After studying for a year, Weis has left the previous lessons, bought paint, brushes and fully immersed himself in painting. But all the art that surrounded him, was of a traditional nature, and amateur painter wanted fresh developments. Especially, the official China opened the Iron Curtain and the country flooded by numerous representatives of contemporary art.
In the early 90's Weis decided to move to Beijing - there were two "village" of artists, where they could share their experience there and arranged the exhibition. He virtually ignores their pictures - a small digital retouching and all. A unique effect of stage Weis sought through a variety of invisible wires, stands, and especially arranged mirrors during recording. Today, Li Wei, travels to Hong Kong, Madrid, Beijing and Milan. In all these cities, it has successfully passed solo exhibitions. His work has bought the well-known magazines, and recently he is recognized as one of the new photos Getty Foundation 2006.

Natsumi Hayashi found a great way to show clearly that soar above the bustle of the strength each.