A boat out of plastic bottles crossed the ocean

In July 2010 the British environmentalist David de Rothschild, made of 12,500 plastic bottles used catamaran "Plastics", managed to successfully cross the Pacific.
8-meter catamaran "Plastics" today sailed into Sydney Harbour after a four-month voyage that began in San Francisco.
 The team, consisting of six people, has long struggled with the storm, strong winds and an almost 40-degree heat and finally got to land, sailed nearly 13,000 miles.
 riblizhayas to the shore, the boat was becoming increasingly difficult to maneuver. The team joked that enter the port was the most difficult task.
 During the voyage the team lived in a small cabin. They took a shower in salt water, and ate mostly canned food. On board was also split into a small garden where vegetables are grown.
 One of the team members, Vern Moen missed the birth of their first child. He could only watch the birth of his wife by videoconference. For the first time he saw his son in the port of Sydney.
First, the team planned to rework the boat, but on arrival it was decided not to recycle it, and keep as a souvenir.