Arch Bridges

So there you go. Determination of the longest bridge in the world quite blurred. Therefore, I suggest you get acquainted with the longest bridge in the world above the water.

Bridge has 42,500 meters, and it cost the Chinese government of $ 8.72 billion.
not "bother" on where the bridge is located, then the longest bridge should be bang on the highway in Thailand.
. In the realities of the Bang On a construction of overhead bridge type.
The length of the giant - 54 kilometers.
The longest suspension bridge (as determined by the length of the main span) is located in Japan.
It connects the city of Kobe (the island of Honshu) and the town of Awaji (the eponymous island).
The central span of the bridge length is 1,991 meters, which actually is a record. The total length of the bridge - 3,911 feet. Oh yes, it is called Akashi Kaikyo-.
The world's longest bridge-dam is located in the U.S. and passes through Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana.
The bridge consists of two separate roads. The one that is longer - 38 kilometers and 420 meters. The total number of concrete piles of the bridge exceeds 9000!
 In Rotterdam there is another "record", which is called the Erasmus bridge.
It consists of two structures and a single leg suspension bridge.
Here is the world's longest swing bridge Erasmusbrug.

 Until 1967, through this bridge passed the legendary Route 66 (Route 66), but later the route was changed.
 It was built back in 1849-the year, and its length is 1.2 kilometers.
 The longest natural bridge in the world is a rainbow bridge, which was formed as a result of leaching of rock flow of river water.
 The longest natural bridge in the world is a rainbow bridge, which was formed as a result of leaching of rock flow of river water.
The longest bridge-aqueduct (water bridge) is located in the German city of Magdeburg.
 The total length of the bridge - 918 meters apart and ship it to pedestrians can walk.
Very handsome and futuristic Millau Viaduct, located in France.
The bridge was designed to relieve the road, passing through the town of Millau, who suffers from traffic jams every summer with tourists. Highway, on which the viaduct connecting Paris and the southern town of Beziers.
Maximum height of the support of the bridge is 341 meters, higher than the Eiffel Tower! Overall length - 2460 meters.
At the time of construction of the viaduct, it was considered the highest. However, the Chinese and have been here before. The newly built bridge Si Du River Bridge over the River Siduhe raised to a height of 472 meters, with a total length of 1,222 meters.
 Another one of the world's tallest bridge is located in the U.S. state of Colorado, over the Royal Gorge. Previously, Royal Gorge Bridge and operated vehicles, but currently only used by pedestrians.

 At the bottom of the gorge winds snake river Arkansas, and the distance from the bridge to the water surface at the bottom is 321 meters.
 Sources claim that if we consider the notion of "the highest bridge in relation to height above sea level, the highest bridge should be Bailey bridge in the Indian Himalayas, located in the valley of Ladakh.
If we consider that the very valley in the middle is at a height of 5602 meters - the conclusion is simple. Here are just a single shot of the bridge there. Therefore, we believe in the word. The most wide-span bridge in the world, located in the Australian city of Sydney and runs through the city's harbor. Width of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is as much as 49 meters at length - 1149 meters. He holds a bicycle and pedestrian lanes, two rail track and eight-lane highways for cars. The total mass of the bridge structures of steel is 52,800 tons. 
Bridge with the highest actual throughput is the Howrah Bridge in the Indian city of Kolkata on the River Hooghly flowing into the Ganges.