The Most Terrible Bridges of the World

They look like they are deadly. They creak and stagger into the wind, connects the tops of the rocks hanging above the river, teeming with crocodiles, and runs through the jungle

Bridge midday Pick (Pont de l'Aiguile du Midi) - France. Alp Aiguille du Midi (Aiguille du Midi) in the western part of the massif of Mont Blanc. To get to the bridge connecting the two rocks together, you need to climb by cable car to the 2000-meter height. The bridge itself is very short, but those who suffer from acrophobia, he can seem endless!
King's Bridge Gorge (Colorado, USA).

Built in 1929, this bridge is located on the Arkansas River. This bridge is a popular tourist attraction. The bridge is 384 meters, width - 5,5 m.
 Suspension Bridge Hussaini (Pakistan).

Is the most dangerous suspension bridge in the world.
This bridge is very old and narrow, and most of its planks are missing.

Hinged bridge Trift, Switzerland

One of the longest and highest in the Alps pedestrian suspension bridges, Trift was built not so long ago - in 2004, although modern design does not make the bridge less scary. In 2009, the construction of the bridge has been redesigned with the addition of new stabilizing steel ropes and higher handrails - Trift have not shaken so violently in the wind, but still included in the list of the worst bridges in the world.

The location of the bridge: Thrift glacial lake in the Swiss Alps, near the town Gadmen

The height and length of the bridge: 100 meters in height and 170 meters in length

The history of the rope bridge Carrick-a-Rede with him no one has yet fallen, but many travelers who managed to cross the bridge once, just can not decide to return to him the same - and so returned back to the point of departure for boats. In the past, however, the famous bridge was even worse - built by local fishermen, heading for the island to catch salmon, which was originally provided for the bridge railing on one side only. When the Carrick-a-Rede won the first popular with tourists looking for thrills, the National Trust of Ireland replaced the old bridge a little more robust design with two handrails.

The location of the bridge: near the town of Ballintoy in County Antrim (Northern Ireland)

The height and length of the bridge: 20 meters in length, almost 30 meters high above the rocks at the bottom

 Suspension Bridge Capilano, Canada

Constructed in the distant 1889, this simple hanging footbridge surrounded by evergreen forests and is a very tall, narrow, shaky and unreliable construction - cedar slats that are connected by steel cables, shaking with each step on the bridge.

The location of the bridge: North Vancouver, British Columbia, across the river Capilano

The height and length of the bridge: 137 meters long, 70 meters in height

Mackinac Bridge, Michigan

Some drivers are so afraid to cross this 8-mile bridge that simply refuse to go on it. It happens so often that local officials are forced to ship for free cars and motorcycles across the bridge at the request of their respective owners. The most horrible feature of the bridge - the wind speed reaches at this point almost 50 miles per hour.

The location of the bridge: between the upper and lower peninsula of Michigan

The height and length of the bridge: 8 kilometers in length, about 60 meters above the water level

 Bridge Puente de Ojuela, Mexico

Although this bridge leads to a ghost town, makes it especially frightening is not the location, and a shaky construction - thin strips of wood, creaking with each step. Fortunately, ropes, fixed between the two towers that make the construction is absolutely safe for pedestrians. However, the steel cables in bridge construction - more innovation: the bridge was originally built in the XIX century, and its tower were built of wood.

The location of the bridge: a ghost town Ohuela, an old mining settlement in northern Mexico

The height and length of the bridge: 318 meters long, two feet wide, 109 meters high above the gorge

Memorial Bridge William Preston Lane, Jr., Maryland

Car owners are afraid of traveling on this bridge, because at this point are frequent storms. In bad weather, visibility is reduced to almost zero: break the half 8-km bridge, seen at the middle ground is almost impossible.

The location of the bridge: connects the east and west coast of Maryland

Height and length of bridge: about 8 kilometers in length, 57 meters in height at the highest point

 "Monkey" bridges, Vietnam

Such bridges have a very telling name: at first glance at the bridge seems to overcome the precarious construction, construction of a single bamboo trunk with a miniature railing, could only monkey. In reality, however, the name is due to posture, in which passers-by have to overcome these bridges - hunched over like a monkey, so as not to fall into a river flowing under the bridge.

The location of the bridge: the different points of the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam

The height and length of the bridge: bridges are built by hand by local residents, so the size of their range. Featured bridges are constructed of concrete

Bridge on the River Sea between China

The bridge, opened to the public in November 2009, has long held the position of the world's tallest bridge - its height reaches 457 meters. The bridge is so high that under it could accommodate Shanghai's famous Tower Oriental Pearl Tower.

The location of the bridge: high above the river gorge in China's Hubei Province

The height and length of the bridge: 457 meters

Bridge Seven Mile Bridge, Florida

In addition to the 11-kilometer length, this bridge seems unremarkable - but because of the location of the bridge very often suffers from hurricanes in Florida widespread phenomenon. In fact, the bridge that exists today - this is the second design, since the original building was destroyed by another storm. Despite the latest technologies applied in the construction of the bridge, turn it into a storm - then expose their lives at great risk.

The location of the bridge: the archipelago of the Florida Keys

The height and length of the bridge: 11 miles in length, almost 20 meters in height

 Bridge U Pain, Myanmar

Since the construction of this bridge does not include handrails, cross it should be very careful, especially in the dry season - under the bridge, there is no lake, which would alleviate the decline. Acuteness of feeling and adds the age of the bridge: rickety wooden structure was built over 200 years ago.

The location of the bridge: Mandalay, connects the shore shallow lake Tauntaman

The height and length of the bridge: 1.2 km in length, 4.5 meters in height

Bridge Deception Pass Bridge, Washington

If travel by car across the bridge which runs over a narrow strait, it does not seem quite frightening, the bridge can take a walk - to this provision is very narrow footpath on the edge of the bridge with unforgettable views of the roaring stream at the bottom of the water.

The location of the bridge: connects Whidbey Island and Fidalgo in the National Park Deception Pass

The height and length of the bridge: approximately 453 meters in length, almost 55 meters in height above the water level