The Mississippi Spreads destruction

 The huge influx of Mississippi flooded, north of New Madrid, Missouri, and not only ...

 Record high level of the Mississippi River and its tributaries continue to rise, and the worst may be yet to come. Part of the states of Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas have already flooded, and it is only the beginning. Pressure on the dam under flood forced the army engineers to blow up part of the dam near the town of Cairo, Ill., inundating more than 52 thousand hectares of agricultural land, due to what the city was saved. As streams of water rushed down the dam wavered, and the rivers flowing into the Mississippi, remained without runoff, flooding more land. Later this month, flood water will reach the Mississippi delta, threatening flooding thousands of hectares of fertile land.Flood waters after the spill, the Mississippi River north of New Madrid, Missouri.
 Sally Nance helping neighbors remove items from flooded homes in Tiptonville, Tenn., May 4. Heavy rainfall caused flooding in Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky and Arkansas.
 Volunteers in Memphis gaining sand bags.
The explosion of the dam Birds Point military in Mississippi County, Missouri. The dam was done by the gap width of 3,352 meters, in order to protect from flooding the nearby city of Cairo, which is located in Illinois.
 Water flows through a breach in the dam Birds Point in Mississippi County, specifically blasted the military.
 Roy Presson and his daughters Katherine (left) and Amanda on the edge of Highway HH, leading to their home, in Wyatt, Missouri. House Presson and another 900 hectares of land were flooded when the military blew up a dam to save the city of Cairo, Illinois.
 Flood water in East Prairie, Missouri.
 Residents of Elizabethtown, Ill., to build a wall of sandbags.
 Daniel Davis, knee-deep in water in the kitchen of his home in Livermore, Kentucky.
 Flood water around the house after the explosion of the dam to save the city Cairo, Illinois.
 Flooding in Tiptonville, Tennessee.Flooding in Tiptonville, Tennessee.
 Working on a boat take out part of the reserves of grain elevators in Caruthersville, Missouri.
 Johnny Sanders (center) listens to the story Jimmy Barnes (second from left) and Dr. Nancy Coleman on the situation of flooding at a public meeting in Rolling Fork, Mississippi.
 The match between «Quad Cities River Bandits» and «Peoria Chiefs» in Davenport, Iowa. Stadium Flood protection dam
 Whirlpool in a parking lot in Horn Lake, Mississippi.
 Graders Molly Russell, Andre Statham, Zach Williams and Paige Jenkins poured sand into the bags at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi, have already started flooding the city of Metropolis, IIllinois.

 Satellite image of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which show a dense band of clouds stretching from the Great Lakes to the valleys of the rivers Ohio and Mississippi, and Texas. This cyclone caused heavy precipitation from the Gulf of Mexico and heavy rains with thunderstorms across the region.
Homes in flood waters in Pinhuke, Missouri.
 Friends help Omagh and Robert Gardner with the evacuation of flooded homes in Tiptonville, Tennessee.
 90-year-old Cyril Fork caught a fish in his flooded backyard, which is usually located 15 meters from the edge of the Mississippi River on Mud Island in Memphis.
 nzhenernyh U.S. Army Corps estimates the leakage from the dam on the Mississippi River in Hikmane, Kentucky.

 Robert Gardner in the flooded district of Tiptonville.
 Dennis Linley in a boat trying to make her parents and grandfather in a flooded yard in Big Boy Junction, near Finley, Tennessee.
Workers fill sandbags in Memphis.
 Jonathan White and Leandra Felton with things from home in the flooded Memphis.
 Owners of private property and workers erecting a temporary flood dike along the Mississippi River in Nanchese, Missouri.